August-Picture: Augur buzzard

Next to the jackal buzzard the augur buzzard is one of only two larger species of buzzards in Africa. He lives in ranges usually starting from 1.500 meters – as well as here on this picture, which was taken at the Aberdare national park. Despite of this augur buzzards are no endangered species. His range is from Ethiopia down to Namibia wherever there are regions at such a height.


The body size of the bird is about 60 cm, while the wingspan goes up to 1.50 meter. Seen from below augur buzzards are nearly completely white with the exception of the black-framed feather tips. Heard and upper side are mainly blackish-gray with a slight part of white. There also are melanistic bird in the nature, which are entirely black on the upper side.


Mostly these birds live in monogamous pairs, one nest is being bred more often. Regarding the nutrition augur buzzards are not picky and take what they can get. Researches of the stomach content of dead birds showed that reptiles – from lizards to snakes – mostly make up to 60% of their food. Next to them smaller mammals like rats, hyraxes and hares are on their list, while also chicken and other ground living birds of their sizes such as francolins can become a victim.

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